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We have an extensive stock of equipment, including:

  • HK Cohedra Compact Line array configurable up to 24 tops and 12 subs

  • Various other smaller PA systems

  • 8 way monitor mix with HK and LD monitors

  • Midas M32, M32R and M32C digital mixers

  • Behringer X32, Full Desk, Compact, Rack and Core digital mixers

  • Midas DL32 digital snakes

  • SD16 and SD8 digital stage boxes

  • In Ear Monitoring

  • A&H analogue mixing desks

  • Sennheiser Radio Mics (handheld and bodypack/headset)

  • Mics from Shure, Sennheiser, Beyer, EV, AKG, DPA

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